A decision support tool for in-situ soil remediation containing knowledge and hands-on experience

SOILECTION makes it possible to identify feasible, site-specific, soil remediation techniques. The SOILECTION search engine allows for a comparative assessment of several remediation factors. As well as information about in-situ soil remediation techniques, SOILECTION also provides access to a large database of hands-on experience. SOILECTION users can search for soil remediation techniques, practical experience and pilots. With the search engine, you can select the most relevant factors for the selected remediation technique. It is possible to search the database with technical boundary conditions such as contamination and soil type, or site disturbance and remediation time span. The search conditions generate technical descriptions of remediation techniques and practical experience (cases). The cases make it possible to assess the applicability of soil remediation techniques. The database is complemented with information from the HIP pilot programme. Information from practice show which techniques are most effective in certain conditions. The SOILECTION website allows you to compare cases with your own planned remediation project. 

SOILECTION draws on existing instruments like the Richtlijn Herstel Bodembeheer and Eurodemo. The technique descriptions and cases both use these existing databases.